ARC-CSI Boot Camp Experience

September 16-21, 2017 | Las Vegas, NV

Limited space available!

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About Boot Camp Experience

This is your opportunity to see first hand what goes into planning, instrumenting and conducting a full scale crash test. The Crash Team Boot Camp Experience is limited to about 10 people on a first-come, first-serve basis. All Crash Team Boot Camp attendees receive:

  • Registration to the ARC-CSI Crash Conference (although you may miss some presentations due to working on crash data and you presentation)
  • Classroom instruction on testing equipment, video and photographic equipment, developing and planning a crash test and setting testing goals
  • Working directly with the ARC-CSI Crash Team and instructors to implement the plan, conduct the crash test and “crunch the data”
  • The Boot Camp Team will be given two cars to plan their test and parameters to work within and then will set about developing that plan for crash day at the Conference
  • The Team will conduct at least one live, fully instrumented crash test at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on the conference crash day
  • Using the data collected, the Team will present their findings to the Conference attendees on Crash Data Review day
  • The Team will be given the opportunity to develop an article for publishing in Collision Magazine on their test and the results
  • Each Boot Camp attendee also receives an ARC-CSI Boot Camp Crash Team track shirt

“Crash Team Boot Camp” is a feature added to the ARC-CSI Crash Conference agenda in response to the interest expressed by those who have attended the conference in the past. Every year, we hear back from those who attend the conference that they’d like an opportunity to learn more about what goes into the crash testing conducted at the conference, the instrumentation, the video, photography, documentation and the down time! They want an opportunity to be involved in the testing directly, learn more about the instrumentation, better understand the outward appearance of “down time” between tests and then see what goes into the “data crunching” after the crash day. They have looked at the “organized chaos” and wanted to better understand what’s really happening behind the scenes.
This year will mark the fourth year we have offered the Crash Team Boot Camp. The goal of the Boot Camp is to allow a small group of those interested to learn about the instrumentation available and then plan and conduct one of the tests at the ARC-CSI Crash Conference. Then the Team would be responsible for analyzing the data and presenting the crash data and their analysis on the last day of the conference.

“Crash Team Boot Camp” starts Saturday morning with classroom time learning about the various pieces of equipment we’ll be using, going through the ins-and-outs of planning a test, developing the plan and testing goals lead by Bob Anderson, Billy Cox and Rusty Haight and the rest of the Conference Crash Team – veterans of literally thousands of crash tests of varying types and levels of complexity – to implement the plan, conduct the test and then “crunch the data.” The “Boot Camp Team” will then present their test analysis at the end of the conference and follow that up with an article in the next issue of Collision Magazine.

We’ll look at how the accelerometers, string pots, load cells, etc work, go over data acquisition theory, principles and practices, and we’ll look at how to operate specific data collection systems commonly encountered in crash tests. Get to use camera and video systems used to document the crashes like the V-Box and Contour cameras. Get insight into the full spectrum of what makes a crash test something worthwhile: more than simply a “demolition derby.” This is a unique opportunity to get some hands on time with on the instruments, hardware and software and then go over camera and video availability and operation.

The Team will be given cars to plan their test with and parameters to work within and then set about developing that plan for crash day at the Conference on Saturday. On Sunday, they’ll join the ARC-CSI Crash Crew at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to prep the area where we’ll be crashing, prep their cars and do any pre-test activity their plan calls for. Monday is crash day and the Boot Camp Team will be on the track with the ARC-CSI crash crew and will conduct their test as part of the day’s crash sequence. Over the next day and a half they’ll see what goes into “crunch time” and will get an opportunity to crunch their own data toward developing a crash test data review presentation on their own crash for a presentation on Thursday at Conference end. Over the following weeks, they’ll work together and develop an article – or two – on the experience and test for publishing in Collision Magazine.

It’s a truly remarkable experience being able to peek “behind the curtain” learn more about the complexity of planning and testing and benefit from the experience of being there first hand from planning to implementation to analysis to being published and see why there’s “so much downtime between tests” (or really is there by comparison?).

Instructors: Rusty Haight, Billy Cox, Bob Anderson
DATE: September 16-21, 2017
South Point Hotel – Las Vegas, NV
SOLD OUT for 2017

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